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arte marisa pintura batik joyas biombos espejos

Course in Creative Painting
and Experimental Dance
in The Dome, Alcalalí
A chat with...Marisa González Archea de

She was born in Madrid and part of her will always remain connected to this city. For seven years now she has lived in our county, first in Denia and now in Murla.
Maybe you remember her from her quaint boutique in c/Magallanes almost next to Diana in Denia, amazing fine crafted jewellery. Her restless and curious spirit took her to Amsterdam to study psychology, experimental dance and painting, which she then took further in Madrid.
She has since lived in the country, she likes to wake up at five in the morning, and is very happy working early in the day.
The result is good, because her product is excellent as well as varied.

rte marisa pintura batik joyas biombos espejos artista
Touching a little bit about everything in our chat, it seems her artwork has been exhibited in Spain, Holland and USA, slowly my curiosity grows and I am convinced that she has more hidden behind that quiet character.
Yes, with total naturalness, without giving it a second thought, I begin to discover , that as well as being a self taught and multi talented artist, she also is gymnastic teacher, she does photography, designs and produces jewellery, she is the jewel in the best of senses.

rte marisa pintura batik joyas biombos espejos artista

Very serious but joyful, her bright eyes transmit tranquility and energy simultaneously, her inner world is full of life which overflows in her works of art, paintings full of energy, mirrors and screens of particular beauty. This chat has been different from others, not at all organised, not at her house or in the studio, but in the parking of Mercadona, we met by chance and we realised that any place is as good as this to get up to date after a few months of not seeing each other.

The interesting thing of this day in age is that in people like her, arts an crafts combine with the main symbol of progress and modern life, I am referring to the Internet, of course. Marisa says she is a beginner and somewhat inexperienced as to cyberspace, but she did manage to send me important details and some photos of her work over the net.
We arranged to meet at her studio, first it is best to call her or send her an email, mainly because of the little journey to the village, and it would be a shame if she was not in.
All the same, it is a must, her work, in jewellery, mirrors and screens or in painting, make the journey to get there worthwhile. We can probably find something to suit our taste or we can order “to measure”. Marisa's Curriculum
If anyone would like to try my idea out, here are her details: mariskaya@telefonica.net
Plaza del Nel 13, Murla, Marina Alta, Alicante. Telephones: 965581090 and 696028539.
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