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Curiculum - Marisa González Archea de


Ámsterdam 1969. Gallery 24 straat Sanguina Drawings and Pastels
Madrid 1974 Collection in Serrano 38 ink and oils
Valencia Casa Vella 1975 Oils
New York 1978 in 85 Street. Ink
Ibiza 1979 Collection in the Contemporary Museum. Mixed Techniques
Denia 2001 Casa de la Cultura Oils and Wooden Objects
Denia 2004 Casa de la Cultura Photography
Calpe 2006 Casa de la Cultura Paintings and Wooden Objects
Denia 2008 Casa de la Cultura Oils


Marisa does interior decoration for houses.
She can paint on the wall, on a cupboard, on a door, or paint your furniture using the most appropriate colours.
She designs gardens as if they were paintings.
She designs jewellery.
She makes all kinds of woodcraft objects, mirrors, screens…
She has her own Gallery in her house in Murla where visits to her permenant exhibition are welcome.
She teaches Creative Painting all over Spain.

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