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" Dance of Fire"

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Jewellery by Marisa González Archea de

Every individual piece is designed by an artist who has long been admired by collectors of fine pieces, for her exquisite, one off designs of jewellery. She takes great care to ensure that each exotic pearl or stone is of the very best quality. Now there is a once only opportunity for you to own one of these beautiful pieces. Make your choice from the items listed, but because each piece is unique, it may already be sold by the time we reach your order. So please order quickly and specify second and third choices to avoid disappointment.
Conscious jewellery that empowers the individual, heals energy imbalances and strenghtens the spirit. This guaranteed 925 sterling silver setting incorporates the energies of specially selected crystals and semi-precious stones interpreted into unique talismans to treasure. This is a genuine handcrafted article, using natural materials and has not been produced by a machine for a mass market. Any imperfection are due to the nature of things touched by God through the human hand and heart. Please handle your chosen piece with due care and respect. You've made a wonderful choice - Allow the energy to embrace you!

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